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SCD Designs, LLC has the expertise and artistic imagination to make your logo and custom embroidery shine. By adding custom embroidery to your corporate uniforms or polos, it adds a dimension of professional quality like none other and one that cannot be achieved in the printing process. The shimmer and quality of our stitch cannot be compared. We have wide range of embroidery threads to choose from.

Embroidery Vs Printing

About 90% of the logos we turn into embroidered art are from a customers letterhead or from business cards they have had done in the past. One should know that all logos from prints cannot achieve the same detail as when they are applied to an embroidered product. The printing process can achieve much more minute details in letters and lines in the artwork.

Embroidery and custom embroidered shirts have many advantages but one of them is not having the flexibility of creating “anything” you want. Many of the custom logos we receive need some adjustment to make the embroidered product look clean and easy to read on a shirt, corporate apparel, or company uniform. The tweaking of the logo is in most cases done by our in house artists. In many cases, we do not have a charge for this artwork. In more complex situations, a minimal charge is discussed and agreed before any work is started. This is the SCD Designs way of making sure the customer gets what they want and their expectations are met every single time.

Embroidered Lettering

Size and spacing is a factor in embroidery because of the restraints we need to put on the design. With the high thread count and needle thickness, our letters that we embroider on our SCD Design Tee Shirts and uniforms cannot be more that 1/4 inch thick in height. When we reformat the logo, we will make sure that the lettering and size meet these needs. If some adjustment needs to occur, we will let you know in the consultation process when deciding on your embroidered piece. All of the changes we do to your custom embroidery will go through a quality process in which you approve of the changes first. We like to feel we provide the best guarantee in the industry as we strive to make every single embroidered product just right for our customers.

Complex Embroided Clothing

It is important to know that the more complex the embroidered logos we put on a t shirt or corporate clothing, the more strain it has on the clothing itself. The weight and thread count of a large embroidered logo or custom embroidered t shirt can really make the outcome of the product sag on the shirt and not look very good. These types of designs are not as comfortable to wear either as the embroidery tends to rub against your skin and cause it to itch.

Our in house designers and artists are all trained to know what is going to work best when digitizing your logo into a beautiful piece of artwork on your apparel. If they see that the custom embroidery is not going to fall within SCD Design standards then they will let you know that some adjustment may need to be involved.

As we do most everything custom and not cookie cutter, speaking to you in person over the phone at (928) 669-2383 or visiting us at 1017 Arizona Ave Parker, AZ 85344 is the most efficient way to provide you with a consistent product.


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